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Big A and little A


Once upon a time there was a Big Agenda (Big A) and a Little Agenda (Little A).


They were best friends, but they didn’t know it. 


Little A, was conscious of all the things it wanted to achieve and tackle. There were so many of them. Public speaking, feeling stuck in life, moving on from redundancy, changing careers, kids leaving the nest, the list goes on.


Little A went to see a coach. 


Big A followed Little A, unseen. 


When the coach opened the door, the first thing she saw was Big A in the doorway. 


Big A was crystal clear to the coach. It was, as yet, the elephant in the room.


Life purpose, the pain of letting go, the courage to accept oneself, developing self-compassion and so many more. 


As a safe space was created for Little A in the sessions, something magical happened. 


The Little A’s arcs of realisation created a pathway.

Big A gently appeared as a big realisation to Little A. 


They saw, leaned in and grew into one another. This left one A. 


And the coach and client went home in separate directions but connected forever by this powerful experience. 

Image thanks to Natalia Y on Unsplash

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