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'It usually takes me more than three weeks to prepare a good impromptu speech' 
Mark Twain

Tristan is your go-to expert for transforming complex ideas into clear, concise, and engaging content.

Leveraging his extensive experience in strategy and communications, coupled with creativity and improvisation, Tristan will help you master the art of public speaking.  

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Option 1 : Let's create*

Craft your winning pitch: ready to craft a speech or presentation that leaves a lasting impression?

Let's work together to create your perfect pitch.

Customised messaging solutions

Harnessing my copywriting expertise, I'll help you craft messaging that hits the mark, resonates with your target audience, and maximises appeal. Your speech or presentation will be tailored to captivate your audience and effectively convey your message.

Once your pitch is perfected I can review your performance and ensure you are ready to face your audience. 

Unlock the potential of your words. Let's create a pitch that gets results.

100 CHF per Hour**

Option 2: Let's discover*

Are you gearing up for a keynote speech or presentation?

Do you want to ensure you leave a lasting impression on stage?

Video performance review

Send me your video, and I'll provide expert feedback to elevate your performance. I'll meticulously analyse your delivery, offering constructive criticism to enhance audience engagement, emphasise key messages, and maximise your use of gestures, emotion, and vocal range.


Make every presentation count. Invest in honing your skills for impactful communication.


100 CHF per 60 minutes**

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Option 3: Let's develop*

Are you looking to make a lasting impact in meetings, impressing new clients or your boss, or delivering a compelling elevator pitch or intro video?


Tailored presence improvement


 I'll empower you to exude confidence and positivity in various scenarios. From refining your elevator pitch to mastering impromptu speaking in Q&A sessions and meetings, I'll equip you with improvisational skills and strategies to speak spontaneously and authentically.


Confidence-building techniques


Discover how to confidently convey your messages and viewpoints, ensuring they resonate positively with your audience. I'll provide guidance on leveraging your voice effectively to leave a memorable impression.


Invest in your professional presence.


Let's work together to elevate your communication skills and boost your confidence in any situation.


100 CHF per 60 minutes**

Option 4: Let's play

Confidence boosting with improv 

Unleash your inner confidence and elevate your presence with a playful twist


Interactive improv sessions


Join me for engaging improv sessions designed to cultivate confidence and foster self-expression. Through interactive exercises and games, you'll discover newfound courage and authenticity in your communication style.


Find your voice


Explore the power of your voice in a supportive and dynamic environment. Learn to speak up with clarity and conviction, and express your ideas with confidence and impact.


Invest in your journey to self-assurance and charisma. Let's play, explore, and unleash your full potential together.


Customized pricing**


* Take options one to three as a package for end to end engagement

** Prices excluding VAT for Swiss based clients

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