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Get to know me: Tristan 

Published writer. Award-winning speaker. Improv expert. Mentor. 


I find immense joy in guiding clients towards boosting their confidence. I help to adapt their natural style to their target audience effectively, be it through copyediting their website or delivering that perfect sales pitch. 


My mission is to delve into the essence of their purpose, uncovering their unique 'why' and fostering a creative engagement with their audience. I thrive on the satisfaction of helping individuals and organizations discover the power of their narrative, ensuring their stories resonate authentically. 


I’ve worked with politicians, senior leadership, community advocates and members of the voluntary sector where I sharpened my experience in both communications and engagement. I have two BSc (Hons): one in Psychology and another in Public Policy and Management.


Now as an expat and Committee Member of Toastmasters International, Basel, I hone both my own and other’s public speaking skills, and perhaps yours?

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