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Get to know me: Uzma

Outcome-driven, passionate yet grounded.

Executive coaching is the golden thread of my career. 


Originally training as a speech and language therapist, I pivoted from corporate communication to executive communication coaching where my career spanned several industries with blue chip clients. In 2016, I was headhunted from the UK for a global role in Switzerland. 


Here I experienced 1:1 coaching that kick-started my transformational journey of deep consciousness. This is how I learned how to feel safe in my body and ultimately trust and accept myself.


Certified in 2021 by the Co-Active Training Institute as a Certified Professional Coach (CPCC), I serve my clients by helping them to grow as leaders - so they can maximise their impact and empower others to shine. In 2022-23 I coached more than 70 directors at management consultancy Capgemini Invent.

I am now certified PCC (Professional Certified Coach) after completing over 500 hours of coaching and an examination. 

My clients are international global executives operating at director-level from a range of industries. Recent clients include Goldman Sachs, Capgemini Invent and Merck. Principally from the USA, Switzerland and the UK.

Verified achievement from Co-Active Training Institue

​I'm a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach from the Co-Active Training Institute.
The CPCC designation is respected worldwide as the gold standard of coaching.

CPCC Badge.png

Verified achievement from International Coaching Federation (ICF)

​I'm a Professional Certified Coach credentialed by the globally recognised standard for coaching - The International Coaching Federation (ICF). I agree to abide by the ICF's core competencies and code of ethics.


Verified achievement from International Coaching Federation

I commit to abiding by the ICF Code of Ethics.

Credibility matters and the ICF Member Digital Badge helps me show it.

According to the 2020 ICF Global Coaching Study, coach practitioners, managers and leaders agree: untrained individuals who call themselves coaches are the greatest obstacle for the industry. 

The ICF Member Digital Badge is a global badge relevant in all countries and territories worldwide. 

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