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'The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others' 
Mahatma Gandhi

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**PRICE CHANGE ALERT** Last chance for private individuals to be coached at 2021 fees. Change effective from April 2024 

Guidance and Inspiration

What are you looking for in life? Is something missing? Whether it’s more aliveness, connection or fierce courage, you’re in the right place. 


With my coaching sessions, you’ll start to become more self-aware and kickstart the process of transformation, so you get to where you want to be.


200 CHF for 60 minutes. A minimum of 6 sessions is required. For long-term sustainable change, 12 sessions are highly recommended.



Show up differently

Too busy to think? Leadership is a skill that starts with becoming responsible for yourself. Being aware of your impact in the workplace is more important the more senior you are. This executive coaching is for leaders who want to show up differently. Those who want to tackle their goals and increase their business perfomance. 
500 CHF per session for a min of 6 sessions.



Become strong and resilient

The global pandemic has overturned so many lives, yet some people are thriving - how's that? What are the secrets? What are the good habits that can be learned? 

Discover this and more about the topic of resilience with coaches Uzma Mohamedali and Lindsey Eynon.

Price on request

Certified Assessment Debrief for
Leadership Circle Profile, Disc and Piav 

A meta-perspective of your underlying beliefs and internal assumptions around leadership.

  Our 90 minute coaching debrief which uncover insights that will be transformational for you and your team. 
Price includes issuing the licensed assessment (LCP), analysis and online debrief for 90 minutes OR 2 hour debrief of DISC and PIAV assessments. For:

  • New clients contemplating signing up to an executive coaching programme 

  • Executive clients who need an SOS during their 1:1 coaching programme because they want to focus in depth on a specific issue 

  • Former executive clients who desire exploring a specific issue with a specific outcome

900 CHF

10%+ discount until April 2024 to 800 CHF



Taster Coaching session

30 minutes taster session

Are you feeling ready to tackle an issue?

Are you serious about making a change?

Are you ready to invest your time, energy and money into a coaching programme?

Then let's chat.

This is a no fee, no obligation, fully confidential chat to see if you feel comfortable to work with me. It’s to assess your readiness towards moving towards your dream goal. 

This is for you if you feel ready to tackle an issue.

If you are serious about making a change in your life. 

If you’re ready to invest your time, energy and money into a coaching programme

Free of charge 


Diversity Equity and Inclusion

Presentations and Workshops on DEI, Cross-Cultural relationships, Public speaking on DEI and Global Communications Consultancy, designing for impact in line with your business objectives.



Inspiring and result-orientated leadership

Eric Kohner, CTI Faculty Member and President and CEO of EKCOsystem in partnership with Reflect to Act Coaching presents a highly experiential programme for mid to senior level leaders teaching the skills needed for effective leadership during an age of constant transformation.


Outcomes include: understanding your unique leadership style, creating a culture of collaboration and empowerment and discovering the power of storytelling.  Previous clients inlude Sony Music and Capgemini Invent.  Reach out for a consultation.

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