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"The world is a reflection of your choices"

"The world is a reflection of your choices, shaping the narrative of your life."

Reflect to Act Coaching is an leadership coaching organisation based in Basel, Switzerland. It provides a comprehensive range of  bespoke coaching and executive solutions  for both organisations and individuals. 

Elevate your leadership.

Welcome to Reflect to Act Coaching – where we transform executives into exceptional leaders and dynamic presenters.


Are you ready to elevate your leadership skills to new heights? At Reflect to Act Coaching, we are dedicated to empowering executives like you to reach your full potential. Our mission is simple: to cultivate self-awareness, foster self-compassion, and instill self-authority, enabling you to thrive as a fully-integrated leader in today's competitive business landscape.


Through our comprehensive executive coaching programs, we collaborate with renowned leadership development firms to provide tailored guidance and support. From professional to financial services and pharmaceutical sectors, we offer a diverse range of coaching options, including leadership development workshops, facilitation sessions, and personalized assessments such as the Leadership Circle Profile 360. With our proven methodologies and strategic partnerships, we equip you with the tools and insights necessary to navigate challenges, unlock opportunities, and drive sustainable growth as an individual or within your organization.


But that's not all – we're excited to introduce our cutting-edge dynamic presentation program, led by public speaking expert Tristan Hardman-Dodd. Whether you're looking to command the stage with confidence, enhance your communication skills, or elevate your executive presence, our bespoke coaching solutions are designed to meet your specific needs and aspirations. Through personalized guidance and practical techniques, we empower you to captivate audiences, inspire action, and leave a lasting impression in any professional setting.


Reflect to Act Coaching is proud to have served esteemed clients such as Goldman Sachs, Capgemini Invent, and Merck. Join the ranks of industry leaders who have entrusted us to unlock their full potential and achieve extraordinary success.


Discover how Reflect to Act Coaching can empower you to lead with clarity, confidence, and conviction. Your journey to excellence starts here.

Uzma Mohamedali. 
Certified Professional Co-Active Coach                       
Founder of Reflect to Act Coaching

Foggy Waters

“I really appreciate your style of coaching over the past two months, which has been truly empathetic but importantly also action-driven.”

R.C. Director - Capgemini Invent, London

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